Action Date Downloadable Link
7/31/2012 Reclaimed Water Policy Workgroup Final Report
12/3/2010 Joint Comments Regarding SAB's Review of Support Documents for NNC
11/10/2010 Carollo Freshwater NNC Cost Estimate
8/24/2010 Joint Utility Group Comments Submitted to EPA regarding Newly Proposed Nutrient Criteria Revisions
6/10/2010 FWEAUC Initial Brief
4/26/2010 Final NNC Policy Comments Submitted to EPA on 04/26/10
2/10/2010 NNC Presentation to the Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Committee
12/3/2009 Numeric Nutrient Criteria Cost Implications for Florida POTWs
11/12/2009 Update: Numeric Nutrient Criteria
11/2/2009 Numeric Nutrient Criteria Update
9/1/2009 Motion to Intervene into Numeric Nutrient Criteria Lawsuit
4/24/2009 Reclaimed Water
4/23/2009 SJRWMD_briefing to reuse stakeholders group
4/15/2009 Reclaimed water working group 4 24 09 agenda.pdf
3/2/2009 Feb09 NotesReclmdWtrPolicyMtg.pdf
1/19/2009 FWEAUC Reuse proposed Concepts NOV08
1/19/2009 Position PrescriptiveReclmd Wtr Irr Restric
1/19/2009 Position Tools Efficient Reclmd Wtr.pdf
12/31/2006 2006 Regulatory/Legislative Agenda Position
8/11/2006 Position on the Land Application of Biosolids
8/10/2006 Online Sewage Treatment and Disposal System Regulations
4/1/2006 Septic Tank Legislation
3/1/2006 Springs Legislations
12/31/2005 2005 Legislative Agenda Positions
12/1/2005 Sanitary Sewer Overflows
12/31/2004 Water Supply Conservation Plan 2004